No connection between App and Jooki. Access Point (AP) Isolation Issues

20 March, 2023
Some routers allow the creation of 'guest' Wi-Fi networks that are meant to be shared with visitors. These special Wi-Fi networks often have additional security features enabled, a notable one being Access Point isolation (or AP isolation). This feature allows a device on the network to access the Internet but prevents it from accessing other devices on the home network. If your Jooki and phone are connected to a guest Wi-Fi network they will not be able to communicate with one another.

Solution 1:
You may have connected to a guest Wi-Fi network inadvertently and/or need to update it:  Please follow these steps:
Move to a place with another Wi-Fi network you can connect to - out of range of the "guest" network you have connected to.
Jooki will enter a mode that allows you to re-do the setup procedure.
Connect to this new Wi-Fi network.
Then on the Jooki app please click on Settings > Device Information and the orange link "Reset Wi-Fi Settings".
You can repeat the set-up sequence as necessary.

Solution 2:
Disable the guest's Wi-Fi temporarily.
Jooki will enter setup mode again.
Set up Jooki to your main Wi-Fi network (it will forget the guest Wi-Fi network).
Re-enable the guest's Wi-Fi.
Make sure your phone is connected to the main Wi-Fi network when using the Jooki app.

Solution 3:
If you do not use a guest network, but your router has Access Point isolation enabled, you will need to disable Access Point isolation on your router for your phone to be able to connect to Jooki.