Troubleshooting set up issues

20 March, 2023

If you are having difficulties setting up Jooki, you may want to go through this checklist and send your findings to Jooki’s customer service will help you quickly.

          - With your Jooki charged and powered on, were you able to listen to the orange or blue token pre-configured playlists? Please be patient, it may take a few seconds for a playlist to start. 
          - Do you have range extenders or other particular Wi-Fi equipment installed?
          - Do you use a VPN?
          - Are you using a Guest or a hotel Wi-Fi network? These typically will not allow communications between Jooki and the app.
          - Have you tried to set up Jooki with more than one phone/ Android? IOS?
          - Have you tried setting up a different Wi-fi network?
          - As you were setting up, did you see a list of Wi-fi networks to select from?
          - When you open the Spotify app (if you have one), can you stream Spotify content on Jooki?
          - Could you let us know if the sidelights of your Jooki are white or orange?
          - Have you heard a voice prompt from the device indicating “Factory Mode enabled”?