Understanding Jooki Generation 1 lights and sounds

26 March, 2023


Orange means “success”: the content can be found and is ready to play and syncs with the app.
Blue means “searching”: Jooki is still connecting with MP3 or Spotify playlists.  If this takes a long time, something might be wrong with the combination of your Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi settings, and Jooki. 
White means Jooki is stable: The speaker is ready to play content or is playing content.
Lights going in a circle: Jooki is booting up


Startup sound: Jooki is ready for play and will connect to Wi-Fi immediately 
Ping! after startup sound: Jooki is connected to your Wi-Fi router
Ping! after “searching for Jooki”: Jooki and your device are connected via the Wi-Fi router.