How to link a Spotify playlist with a Jooki figurine or token

20 March, 2023
Step 1: Power on Jooki, connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone, wait for the Jooki jingle to play 

Step 2: Open the Spotify App

Step 3: Select and launch on Spotify the playlist you want to link to a figurine or token

Step 4: In the Spotify App select "Device Available"

Step 5: Select your Jooki and the playlist will start playing on Jooki

Step 6: Open the Jooki app and on your phone screen, select the icon of the figurine or token you want this playlist to be linked with

Your phone is no longer needed: every time your child will place the figurine corresponding to the icon you selected on Jooki, the playlist will start playing. It's magic at their fingertips.