Creating playlists on Jooki

20 March, 2023

You can associate content with your Jooki in two different ways: 

1) From Spotify: open Spotify on your phone and start a playlist. Select Jooki as the device to listen to. Open the Jooki app and on the app screen, select the icon of the figurine you would like to associate this playlist with.

2) Create playlists of your own MP3 audio files. The easiest way is to download the Jooki Desktop App from a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Visit - download the desktop app - then drag and drop the audio files you would like to upload on Jooki. Lastly, open the Jooki app to manage/edit playlists and associate them with tokens/figurines.

These 2 short videos will show you how to do this easily:

Step 1: Install the Jooki web application on your computer
Step 2: Associate MP3 files to figurines and tokens